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Gay and Gangster: Deadlee Raps to His Own Rhythm - YouTube

gay rapperJoey LeMar, better known as Deadlee, is a walking contradiction. On stage, he’s a brash, outspoken cholo rapper with a tendency for angry expression; off-stage, he’s a sensitive, smiling

Top 10 Famous Rappers Who Are Also Gay

2. Young M.A – Famous Rappers Who Are Also Gay Image Source. While the battle rages on among mainstream hip-hop followers on who is the better female rapper between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Katorah Marrero – more popularly known as Young M.A– is quietly taking her place in history as one of the leading rappers in the country.

gay rapper | Sandra Rose

gay rapperNews Article or Interview Top 10 Allegedly Gay Rappers/Actors/Hip Hop Moguls (no homo & Pause) @hiphop

Category:LGBT rappers - Wikipedia

Rapper Talib Kweli -- perhaps best known for his work with fellow Brooklynite Mos Def as part of the duo Black Star -- was asked by Mother Jones about his opinions on homosexuality in the hip hop

Caushun - Wikipedia

gay rapperComedian Ben Bizuneh wanted to see how homosexuality was accepted in black America, and he did so by posing a gay rapper.

14 LGBTQ Rappers Owning The Game: Mykki Blanco, Young M.A and

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rappers are those who adhere to our policies on sourcing their gender and sexuality (see Wikipedia:WikiProject LGBT studies/Guidelines for more information) and are also categorized as rappers.

Young M.A Doesn't Want to Be Known as the "Gay Rapper"

gay rapperFive decades later, female rappers are entering hip-hop in more numbers and diverse than ever before but it wasn't always that way. Get Young M.A's full story on "E! THS."

Rapper Makonnen Comes Out: ‘I’m Gay… I’ve Come Out.’

Pride brings you the best gay music from LGBT musicians in the world, from gay rappers to gay country singers and more. Find out what's trending and hot in the music scene with information about

Caushun - Wikipedia

Caushun (born Jason Herndon 1977) is an American rapper, often erroneously referred to as the first openly gay hip-hop artist to be signed to a major record label in the United States.

The Gayest Song Of All Time Gay Rapper " Fly Young Red

gay rapperLGBTQ representations in hip hop music have been historically low. Hip hop has long been portrayed as one of the least LGBT-friendly genres of music (along with heavy metal and country music) with a significant body of hip hop music containing homophobic views and anti-gay lyrics.

gay rapper