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We might think we know what a gay person sounds like. But there are caveats to the cliche — and ‘voice-shaming’ tells us a lot more about our culture than it does about the person speaking

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When you have a “gay voice” you cannot hide, even if you want to, and no one is talking about this because hiding is always, without question, seen as a problem.

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My Gay Voice and Yours The film "Do I Sound Gay" unpacks the hatred that blocks all of our voices. Posted Nov 03, 2015

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The filmmaker David Thorpe has a warm, woolly speaking voice with a bit of a lilt. It’s a little floaty on the cadences, a little strong on the “S”s. You know what I’m getting at? He

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gay voiceWhat a dumb question. There is such a thing as a "gay sounding" voice, but not only gay men have it. One of the reasons that non sexual gays say certain men or women "ping" is because of the sound or timbre or inflection of their voices.

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Examine issues, explore culture and enjoy commentary on the latest LGBTQ news that matters most to the queer community and their allies.

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HEY GURL Why Do I Sound So Gay? A new documentary explores the phenomenon of the ‘gay voice,’ and why so many gay men feel shame about it. From personal experience, let me tell you: Gurrrrrl

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